Brackley Glass and Windows Ltd. would like to highlight
that we only supply top quality sealed units manufactured to the highest standard using dual sealed edges complying to BS5713.

Uses of double glazed units
Heat insulation

Heat insulation has mostly been the reason for the use of double glazing in windows over the years to cut down on heat loss and condensation. However, it is now a legal
requirement that all new replacement windows and new windows in newly-built
homes comply with Building Regulation Document L, meaning double glazed units
with low emissivity glass must be used.

Noise Insulation

Double glazed units also reduce the noise. By using different glass thicknesses, a good reduction can be achieved. As a rule it is advised that the sealed unit is constructed using two different thicknesses of glass ie. 6mm with a 10mm to reduce resonance.

Secondary Glazing

Secondary Glazing is useful for homes that are listed and there is a need to keep the original windows to retain the character of the property. It is also very effective for noise insulation as the gap is far larger between the panes of glass.


Double Glazed Sealed Unit Replacement Service


In addition to the above, we also offer an across the board  glazing and replacement service, from trade insulations to single replacements for domestic customers. Our
company aim is to provide a first class quality service using, what we feel, are the best materials available. Combining top quality brands with highly skilled
New sealed units are custom made and fitted and are manufactured to British Standard. Brackley Glass and Windows Ltd prides itself on the fact we are a family
business in its third  generation in the glass industry, having knowledge and
expertise in all aspects of glass and glazing.


The Facts

  • Double glazed units only last for a certain time span. Depending on the
    quality of the unit and installation, this can be anything between 2-20
  • The most common cause of premature failure is poor manufacture in the first
    place and poor installation.
  • The main enemies of sealed units seal are ultra violet rays and water
  • In virtually all cases there is no need to change the window frame. We can replace the double glazed unit and keep the original window frame .
  • Brackley Glass and Windows Ltd only use the best dual sealed edge type
    units which carries the BS5713 Kite Mark where applicable.
  • Technical advice is always available to prospective clients.